About The Founder

Aljazi Alhenzab is a Qatari entrepreneur, business owner, and a mother of three children. In addition to her full-time job, she is also a life coach who is very passionate about improving the lives of others around her by helping them live joyfully and well. She aims to improve her life and that of those around her with the products and services she makes available in Qatar.

Sharing with others is one of the main values she upholds in her life and her goal is to grow in all aspects of her life and share that knowledge with others around her.

She established +974 Wellness because she believes that every day is a new opportunity to move one step forward and make progress on the journey to happiness. She invites you to join her journey to wellness, happiness, and balanced living through +974 Wellness. 

Change your Habits, Change your Life

When thinking about habits, wellness, and the health, well-being, and quality of life to which you aspire, consider the following: “Are you going to accept yourself or expect more from yourself?” “Are you going to embrace the present or consider the future?” and “Are you going to care about yourself or overlook yourself?”.


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